Olga is a Copenhagen based, Irish artist, producing limited edition prints of her original paintings and drawings. There is a theatrical element to her paintings inspired by her years as a freelance theatre and set painter for The Royal Danish Theatre, Ballet and Opera and for Danish TV & Film, including the popular series The Killing. 

IMG 5199

Olga has also worked with Danish Jewellery company Goerg Jensen creating winter scenes for their 2014 Christmas Collection for 450 shops worldwide, and with the Queen of Denmark as part of her artistic team on her 2013 winter production of The Nutcracker in the Copenhagen’s world famous Tivoli Gardens. In 2015 she was part of the creative team working on Copenhagen's landmark Hotel D’Angleterre’s Christmas Display.

'There's an absurdity to life that is reflected on the stage and through the inner workings of making art. Then there's the everyday violence that some live with and others read about in the papers. I stand somewhere in between armed with a brush.

Olga Baunbæk Reilly originally from Drogheda, studied Fine Art in Belfast then lived and worked in Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco for 10 years before settling in Copenhagen. She has exhibited widely including solo exhibitions in New York and Copenhagen. Her current studio is in Copenhagen and visitors are always welcome.

In addition to her limited edition prints www.olgareillyprints.etsy.com Olga is happy to take commissions, big or small. Please contact the artist directly for further details.

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